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Radhika Gupta

I hold a double Bachelor in Law and Economics, and a Masters in Law (BC.L.) from The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. After working in the Hague, with the UN, I returned to India and began practicing in the Supreme Court after which I specialized in International Arbitration at a leading law firm in New Delhi.

Coming from a family of art collectors, my keen interest in art started at an early age. Constantly traveling and being exposed to different cultures allowed me to experience new ideas and influences and my art became a secret language that I would use to communicate with myself.

I see myself as a global citizen - having lived in India, Europe, and America and traveling extensively, I feel that all the different sensibilities have rubbed off on me through my unique perspective and voice which finds an outlet through art. It is representative of the turmoil and changing gender roles of women in today's society.

Personally, I would like to defy traditional classification and bridge the gap between high art and low art to cater to what appeals to me. I work with a multitude of styles and employing a variety of methods. I love to serve ME - that’s it. My mind is constantly transforming and changing. That’s what fuels my passion to create.

My other keen interests include travel, Muay Thai, chocolate and all things shiny.